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Why Java Is Better Than Other Programming Languages And Byte Code Concept


What Makes Java different from other programming Language?

Why Java Is Better Than Other Programming Languages ?

  • First of all java is a open source programming language created by Sun Microsoft overtaken by oracle .Its source code is available for free inside every JDK ( Java Development Kit)
  • Java is a platform Independent: – Platform independent means java can run on any computer irrespective to the hardware and software dependency. Means Java does not depend on hardware means what type of processor , RAM etc.  Java will run on a machine which will satisfy its basic needs .
  • Java Is a Secure Language : The Byte Code Concept separates java from all other language. As we know Byte Code is set of symbols created by sun Microsoft which are generated after the compilation of Program. This byte code is actually encoded source code that human cannot understand and that Byte code is converted to machine code by Java Runtime Environment. This Byte code is executed by java runtime environment which consist of Byte code loader which loads the byte code into memory and then Byte code verifier which verifies the Byte code and look for any extra symbols and code which does not resembles to the standards and throws unexpected code way and makes java byte code error free and secure.

    Java is fast because of JIT compiler. Just In Time compiler stores the repeated code in its cache memory and in byte code where repeated code is used , instead of loading that code again from memory JIT use it from its cache memory and safe time and space  and make execution fast. Below is the graphical representation of java program.

  • “ Compile Once and Run Forever ” is the famous tag line of java and yes it is very true this all is possible because of Byte code as once byte code is generated you can use  that byte code and can run that program in any operating system , every operating system’s java runtime environment will convert that Byte Code into machine code and wll give you your require output and because of this Java Byte Code is named as Portable Code or P-code.


Due to its Byte code is in Bytes, java program takes very less memory on hard disk  and therefore java technology is Portable also. (byte code concept)

The Above features cannot be found in any other language, because of the above features java is used almost everywhere and in every application no matter its mobile application or web. Till date there is no programming language more secure than java .

Hopefully the story of  java and its byte code is cleared to you .

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