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Why VB.net Is Better Than C#


C# is a time-consuming programming language, as you keep writing a semicolon at the end of every line and that's the first advantage why VB.net is better than C#.

Both languages are object-oriented languages, VB.Net have many advantages over C# as it can complete what you are writing better than C#.

C# is always unhappy when you write something it keep on showing errors, you also need to always build (ctr+shift+B) the application to know if there are any errors.

In the other hand VB.net pop up errors automatically so you don't need to build the application  to know if you have errors.

Also the text editor take care of the capital and small letter opposite to C#.

You can make the same application using C# or VB but you will save a lot of time developing an application using VB.net

If you are a C# addict try considering writing programs using VB.net as it will help you write better programs, develop applications faster and you will be more business oriented.

Why VB.net Is Better Than C#

  1. VB helps you build faster applications
  2. VB helps you completing statements better than C#
  3. C# is always unhappy and you always rebuild your application to know if you have any errors.
  4. Both build the same applications.
  5. you can consider VB as business oriented programming language because it is faster than any other language.

In short both languages are similar to each others but since C# was the first object-oriented language before VB that's why it is more famous than any other language.


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