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C# now a better language than Java

C now a better language than JavaJava VM is a professional platform. It’s mature, it’s fast, it’s highly portable, and there are loads of languages running on it.

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Why VB.net Is Better Than C#

CC# is a time-consuming programming language, as you keep writing a semicolon at the end of every line and that's the first advantage why VB.net is better than C#.

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10 Reasons Why dotNET Is Better Than Java

programmingThe bitter truth is when comparing java technology with CLI (popularly known as .NET), you'll see that Java is less powerfull in many areas.

I'll be using the words CLI and .NET interchangeably refferring to any implementation of the CLI (.NET, Mono or dotGnu)

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Why C#

CFor the past two decades, C and C++ have been the most widely used language for developing commercial and business software. While both languages provide the programmers with a tremendous amount of fine-grained control, this flexibility comes at a cost to productivity.

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Why Java Is Better Than Other Programming Languages And Byte Code Concept

programmingJava is fast because of JIT compiler. Just In Time compiler stores the repeated code in its cache memory and in byte code where repeated code is used , instead of loading that code again from memory JIT use it from its cache memory and safe time and space and make execution fast.

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