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Network Security

The Leading Cause Of security breaches

web applicationWeb applications are the leading cause of security incidents for financial services, according to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report; this is up from 31 percent from last year’s report.

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Five automation tools to enhance network security

User access management offers an automated user provisioning system. This handles the workflows for requesting and approving what resources an employee can access and making sure all the appropriate privileges are assigned.

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What Is Network Sniffing?

hacking2Network sniffing is a method of using specialized hardware and software to access information that isn’t being sent to someone or analyzing networks to which individuals don’t have legitimate access.

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Benefits & Pitfalls of firewalls in a network

network firewallSecures a computer network from hostile intrusions.

Firewalls can monitor and record information. This can be of value in determining who is accessing what type of information.

Firewalls can be used to complement or supplement content and email filtering solutions.

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5 Facts about network security

Security professionals and IT administrators can reduce the amount of time they spend performing regular maintenance and repetitive tasks by automating a lot of the workload that revolves around network security.

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