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What Are The Benefits Of DBMS (Data Base Managment System)?

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Database Management Systems (DBMS) have many advantages. Some of these include:

  • Storing lots of information in one place
  • Security of data
  • Ability to relate two or more tables

DBMS can house a wealth of information in one place. Data can be stored for a variety of purposes and many of us use DBMS on a daily basis without realizing it. Cell phone numbers listed alphabetically are a form of DBMS. In the workplace, DBMS can be used to store a large amount of important, and sometimes, confidential information, such as pay records and personal details.

Tables can be created using data and this data can be split into fields. These fields can then be assigned a primary key, which enables the user to search for information easily and effectively. Secondary keys can also be applied to fields and by creating these fields users are able to search for data that is only applicable to the two fields in question.

Security is a major issue, and in the case of confidential information being stored, passwords can be created, so that only those who need to see the information can do so. In business, databases can be used to create mailing lists, whether the mail will be sent electronically or by hard copy.

The speed of DBMS is also a huge advantage compared to having to search through reams of paper to find out certain information. Certain keywords can be searched for and this will enable all the relevant information to appear on the screen immediately.

The size of the databases is huge, so there is no need to create new databases if they are not needed. Similarly, if a second or third database is needed then these can be linked together if needs be.

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