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Using Information Technology in the Engineering profession

The electrical power industry is beginning to use information technology to help deliver power more efficiently and give consumers information about their electricity use to help them conserve power. The technology is called "smart grid.

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Why Validate Your CSS Code

css-displayAs a beginner, it is very common that you will make mistake in writing your CSS code. Incorrect or non-standard code may cause unexpected results in how your page displayed or functions in a web browser.

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What is Checklinks

Checklinks is a tool on the Toolserver that checks external links for Wikimedia Foundation wikis....

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Great Change in The Field of Robotic Surgery

surgical systemComputer-controlled diagnostic instruments have been used in the operating room for years to help provide vital information through ultrasound, computer-aided tomography (CAT), and other imaging technologies.

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How Do I Check What Sites Link to My Site?

httpUse search engines to determine your site's backlinks.
One way to assess website popularity is by viewing the list of links to your website. The major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! have techniques that allow you to view what websites are linking to you. This gives you an idea of how well your backlink campaigns are working, and if other people are finding your site informational and useful. To view sites linking to you, use the "link" operator in Google and Yahoo!'s SiteExplorer.

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Expert Systems Used in Health Care Administration

An expert system for health care administration is engineered to automate knowledge-based data used in the field of health care. A robust expert system provides input scenarios, problem-solving mechanisms and output data based on a review of common practices and hospital support functions.

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Why is validation important

httpWhy you should make sure that your webpages are validated? Thats exactly what we're going to answer in this tutorial. Hopefully you've heard off XHTML and HTML. HTML is the older coding and XHTML is the new generation of HTML.

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Knowledge Tools for Physicians

Much of the underlying technology available today is derived from basic research on biomedical advice systems during the 1970s, medical application packages are thus far generally unavailable from the young artificial intelligence industry.

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What Is the Importance of Data Entry Validation?

Data entry validation is a technique used by programmers to control answers in a computer document or data entry program. For example, it can be used to prohibit the user from typing a letter in a field that only requires a number.

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