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Netflix 4K streaming Hardware requirements are ridiculous

netflix 4kThe ability to stream 4K Netflix video on your PC is finally here, but the hardware requirements to take advantage of this compelling development are incredibly stringent.

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How Digital Transformation Helps African businesses to thrive

digital transformationStandard & Poor’s predicts that the South African economy will grow by only 0.8% in 2016. Three different finance ministers in four days, a downward trend in its stock market, and plummeting currency values are all contributing to the slowdown.

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The Future of work: Get Ready for the Revolution

nasa robogloveWith advances in information technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence developing at a rapid rate, workforce dislocations are happening now and are here to stay.

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Smartphone vs. Tablet

tabletThough tablets and smartphones are both considered mobile devices based on their portability, user behavior by device differs greatly – from experience to expectation.

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TECNO Releases WinPad 2 In Nigeria

Tecno  win padAfter a global launch of flagship mobile phone in Dubai, TECNO, one of the international mobile giants, is taking another big step in the pad market, launching its flagship pad WinPad 2 in Nigeria.

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Steps To Improve Your Google search results

GoogleLogoGoogle is the biggest search engine in the world as it gives the best and most relevant results compared to other search engines.

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These Google Features will Help You

GoogledoodleGoogle is better known as a search engine but it has evolved over the years and now has a number of features some people are not aware of.

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Secret way to dim iPhone screen for nighttime reading

iphoneEven at its lowest setting, an iPhone's display can be too bright if you're reading in bed at night or in an otherwise dark room. If you find you're still blinded by the light even after moving the brightness slider all the way to the left in Control Center, there is a way to dim the screen past what the slider allows.

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The Dire need for Open source skills in Africa

opensourceDespite the fact that OS skills development is nothing new, the subtle changes in business requirements over the years mean the need has progressed beyond foundational skills.

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