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Why Bloggers Don't Make Money From Affiliate Programs

blogging moneyAffiliate programs are great. You sell someone else’s product, make big commissions (usually at least 50% of the sale price) and that’s it. There’s no customer support, no product creation or distribution – nothing! All you do is make sales.

Unfortunately most bloggers make peanuts from affiliate programs. Worst still, they often drive people away from their blog by over eagerly pushing affiliate products down the throats of their readers.

Making money by selling affiliate products from your blog – what I call “affiliate blogging” – is a fine art.

To help you become a better affiliate blogger I’ve published a blueprint article that details how I make four figures a month *just* from selling affiliate products from my one blog.

its quite simple and i cant imagine making the mistakes I see most bloggers make – mistakes you are probably making yourself right now... 

What's the Mistake?

Overly using Afiliate modules, thereby making your redears uninteressted with your content..

My Advise.. keep it simple and grow your social influence

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