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Avoid These 5 Common Campaign Setup Mistakes using Bing Ads


1. Not reviewing Google AdWords uploads

Bing Ads has done a good job of making sure that uploading your Google AdWords campaigns is as painless as possible. The majority of advertisers start their PPC campaigns with Google, which has the lion’s share of search volume, and then move over to the Bing Ads platform; and the Bing Ads Team recognizes and embraces this behavior.

In response to this pattern, the Google AdWords migration tool within the Bing Ads interface is super easy to use. All you need to do is download your Google AdWords campaign into an Excel document and then upload it into the Bing Ads Editor software—or you can connect your two PPC accounts together directly for faster access. Either way, the process is pretty seamless.

Bing Ads

As easy as the upload tool may be within Bing Ads, advertisers can’t just assume that an error-free file upload doesn’t have mistakes. I’ve seen content drop between platforms, incorrect campaigns settings, and geo-targeting that didn’t make the transition successfully.

You should have a QA process for every file uploaded into Bing. This goes for any files transitioned over from Google AdWords or just bulk upload sheets.

2. Not paying close attention to campaign settings

Campaign settings can be silent killers in your account. It’s easy to get caught up in the fast-moving elements of your account such as keywords, ads, bids, etc. But if the campaign settings are not correct, then you could be impairing performance or limiting overall volume.

There are a couple of settings that can make or break your campaigns. First, make sure that your mobile modifiers match your current device strategy. If you don’t have a strong mobile presence and your site isn’t optimized for these devices, then you should opt out of mobile devices.

Second, be strategic about your ad scheduling. When I audit accounts, I ask, “What is the strategy behind your ad scheduling?” and often folks aren’t sure! They say it’s based on historical analysis but they don’t remember the analysis or when the change was made. Make sure your ad scheduling is correct and purposeful.

Bing ads

3. Not opting out of the search syndicated partner network

At the risk of making a generalization, I think the syndicated search partner network in Bing Ads generates poor-quality traffic. This doesn’t mean that advertisers don’t find success in this distribution channel, but I often review accounts where advertisers are wasting their budget on traffic that won’t convert.

The reason I see this mistake so frequently is because the default distribution setting when you create a campaign opts you into the partner network. You have to purposefully remove this setting.

You should check your ad groups to make sure they’re targeting only “Bing and Yahoo search”—and with this change your ads will appear only on Bing and Yahoo rather than their entire search-partner network.

bing ads

4. Not applying ad extensions

Another area where I often see mistakes is the neglect of ad extensions within Bing Ads. Site links have become mission-critical when it comes to snagging more real estate on the SERPs.

There are other great extensions that are often neglected such as call extensions and product extensions. If you sell products on your site, then Bing Ads’ product extensions need to be on your priority list.

bing ads

5. Not using auto-tagging

This is a relatively new feature in Bing Ads so let’s be proactive so you don’t make this mistake in your account! Previously, you had to manually tag all of your URLs in order to populate your Bing data within Google Analytics. Manual tagging is time-consuming and very prone to errors, which can cause inconsistency of data.

Now, within your account settings, you can turn on auto-tagging. Do it now!

Hopefully you’re now inspired to not only check these areas of your campaigns, but do some deep QA to ensure that your PPC budget is used to its fullest potential.

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