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Get Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrency With Ease By Following Simple Steps

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Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, Dogecoins, Dashcoins


In this training package, we have various methods and you can actually use them simultaenously and also learn the easy steps on how to start earning immediately..

its also important to know that nothing good comes easy, but with persistence, the sky is your starting point...

Claiming of mined coins can be done anytime, any day.

All claimed coins goes to your *micro wallet (Coinpot and You can either leave it there for use of necessary transactions or transfered to your blockchain or other coin wallets.)

In addition, you can also convert any of the coins in your Coinpot account to either of them at your will...

Welcome to Coinpot and Faucet hub mining training once again... I believe you're excited as much as i am excited..


First you will register on http://coinpot.co using your email to enable you get an all in one crypto currency wallet.


You will get an email notification to the email address you used for your registration, click on the link to verify email.


For Coinpot
Now to start claiming free coins, be it..

Click on the following links and login with same email (and password where required) used for Coinpot...

1. To mine free bitcoin straight to your coinpot use the link below

2. To mine free litecoin straight to ur coinpot use this link below

3. To mine free Dogecoin straight to ur coinpot use the link below

4. To mine free Dash Coin straight to ur coinpot use the link below

4b. To mine Bitcoin again with another link direct to ur coinpot click the link below

4.c To mine and increase ur BITCOIN direct to ur coinpot click the link below

Also use faucet Hubs to make extra Bitcoin...
Register on faucet hub using *http://bit.ly/2D8MJxd*  register with the wallet address of the coin you want to mine and valid email address.

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Get Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrency With Ease…

It is a new Revolutionary Concept on how to make Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereums, Dogecoins, Dashcoins...