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The Future Of The Nigerian Youth

  • Written by Izunna Okpala
  • Published in Tech News

The Future Of The Nigerian Youth

Amidst the visit of the Facebook founder(Mark Zuckerberg) to the most populous black nation on earth NIGERIA, its no longer story to say that Nigeria is growing in Technology advancement, but not withstanding, Our Youths needs to wake up to this reality and harness it…

The Nigerian youth is taught from childhood to be the leader of tomorrow. He grows up with such high hopes, looking forward to being someone of importance to himself, his family and the society at large. The young Nigerian is tough, resilient and is resolved to become great.

At adolescence, the youth comes to an understanding of what he wants out of life, but some become complacent because their parents occupy one position or the other, while others get discouraged because of the abject poverty facing their families, some others still, derail due to youthful exuberance. These and more have made the so called leaders of tomorrow a problem to the community. Most Nigerian youths have failed to live their dreams and yet they complain about being deprived of their rightful places. As Nigerian youths, we have to rearrange our philosophies. Excellence should be our watch word in every aspect of human endeavor. We have to put a stop to all the complacency, self-pity, youthful exuberance, low self-esteem and laziness.

The Nigerian youth should wake up and smell the coffee. With state of our economy today, if they do not take bold steps and start taking responsibilities, then, I am afraid the future will be short of leaders. Big things they say start small – making that difficult decision, taking that little step, all add up to get you there, so, stop complaining and make do with what you have. I am challenging every Nigerian youth today, to take the bull by the horn and access their full potentials. It is time to build our dream future rather than wait for it to come out of the blues.

For this reawakening to be effective, we implore our parents, guardians, teachers, the Government and Non-Governmental Organizations to join in this crusade. The social media is not left out either because they have a great effect on the youths. Encouragement should come from every side to bring out the best in the Nigerian youth.

You can be who you want to be, when faced with obstacles, see them as climbing stones to success for nothing comes easy but good things comes to those who persevere.

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