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Cognitive Computing Can Change the World

Izunna Okpala



intelligent machines

It isn’t going to be long before every decision that is made by business is partly made by a cognitive system. These systems are touted as being systems that can learn, can understand and can help to define best practice in business.

This might sound like a science fiction?

Note: Every industry has its Uniqueness and loads of data, and many people say they are going to be a technology company of some kind. An important question is: When everyone is digital, who wins?

“Digital for all has to be the foundation, but it’s not the destination. There’s one thing that’s more transformative that’s in front of you now, and that’s the era of cognition.”

The world is on the brink of a revolution in technology that is driven forward by cognitive computer that will literally turn the data that we’ve gathered into an advantage for those companies who are smart enough to use it.

Every industry in the world today will be disrupted by new technology and cognitive computing.

The three trends that are pointing toward this massive disruptions include:

  1. The rise of more big data. Up until now, computers stored the data in massive amounts but the computers didn’t have the capacity or the capability of understanding what to do with it all.
  2. The onset and advent of cognitive systems in computing. These systems are language based and they can reason, they can learn and they can understand. The star of the show is—of course—IBM’s Watson and it is this platform that is taking marketing to the next level.Now that they are capable of learning and understanding, they know what the data is and they know what can be done with it.

The last big disruptor is Cloud computing. It allows us to program, to connect, and to use multiple systems through an API according to Rometty. “If it’s digital today, it will be cognitive tomorrow; this is an era that will go for decades,” she said. “Without it, we’ve no chance of keeping up with this tsunami data has created.”

With big data, cloud computing and the new computing systems, the world is in for big changes that can improve user experience, improve customer experience and improve our method of buying and selling.

The only question left to answer is—what does it mean for the workers of tomorrow?

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Planning to Study in the US? Attend the EducationUSA Virtual College Fair.

Izunna Okpala



The EducationUSA Virtual College Fair starts today…

Have you registered?

Even without registration, you can participate in the College Fair. The program begins today for Graduates from 1-5pm Nigerian time, Thursday, November 19, 2020.

There are 92 accredited universities waiting to meet with you. This is your opportunity to explore the various study and funding opportunities available to graduate students at institutions across the U.S.

To participate in the ONLINE fair visit

Watch this short video on how to navigate the website and participate in the fair

Tips on how to make the most of the virtual college fair experience

  1. Check Out the Universities– See the list of colleges that will be participating at the virtual fair Click around to find out what they say about themselves.
  2. Show Your Best Self and Ask Questions– Make a good impression. College representatives love meeting students. Think about how you will introduce yourself and what you want to say, especially about where you’re from and what you hope to find in a college. The virtual fair is for you so do not be afraid to ask questions.
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For more info about EducationUSA Lagos follow them on their handles:

Enjoy the fair!

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Get Financial assistance through the Scholarship for US Universities

Izunna Okpala



Tuition waivers or scholarships are financial assistance incentives intended to help students pay for an undergraduate or graduate degree. A scholarship is only just a one-time test. Other school scholarships are annual and provide money per semester or school year for the students. These grants are special from student loans because they don’t have to be paid back.

Students will earn the money in their name directly as verification. In other instances, the money is donated to the school for the student. The student would then pay the school in those cases for the difference on any money owed for tuition , fees, room , and board. If the scholarships and other forms of financial aid are adequate to cover the direct costs of education, the applicant may be refunded the excess money.

About is a Scholarship website established in 2019. The platform’s concept is simple: corporations, charities, and even individuals can build a personalized scholarship, internship, or student grant opportunity. Such programs could be targeted at helping a range of high-potential individuals with a wide array of interests, talents, and backgrounds.

The kind of Scholarship in scholarships tend to be very precise, which is a very positive thing for students. There are scholarships for students who love reading, Native American youth scholarships and scholarships for students who want to have a major in philosophy.

Like several other sources of scholarships, the programs aim to help a wide variety of education levels from high school students to medical students! Below are some of the best scholarships we profiled at

  1. Minority Women in STEM Bi-Annual Scholarship
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How do I get signed up?

You can get signed up for free on the website. Signing up is easy should only take five minutes or so.

My Profile in

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