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See How Its done - Financial freedom in Nigeria

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Naira, Ecooperative Registration



Register with just 1000 Naira and make upto 40,000 in one week and 48 million in 2 months.

This is ECOOP where wealth is assured with ease.

Register via the Link


  1. Join with 1000 Naira, submit your transaction ID and be confirmed first. (your referrals falls elsewhere if you are not confirmed)
  2. Get 4 referrals who pays you 1000 Naira.  (that's 4000)
  3. Teach them to do as you did for them to earn too.
  4. upgrade to level2 with 2500 Naira
  5. 16 people pays you 2500 Naira for level 2 upgrade & you get 40k
  6. upgrade to level 3 with 5000 Naira and get 320,000 Naira from 64 persons.
  7. upgrade to level 4 with 10,000 and get 2.5million from 256persons.
  8. stage 2 continues same way till you earn 44m plus

Very flexible to start with just 1000....  No much risk
You can sponsor as many as you wish using your link, after you have been confirmed.

Registration is done in a *First Come, First Serve order*.
To register use the link
You'll be given a number, according to whoever drops and upgrades first, registration starts with that person.

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