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Cognitive Computing Can Change the World

  • Written by Izunna Okpala
  • Published in Blog

intelligent machines

It isn’t going to be long before every decision that is made by business is partly made by a cognitive system. These systems are touted as being systems that can learn, can understand and can help to define best practice in business.

This might sound like a science fiction?

Note: Every industry has its Uniqueness and loads of data, and many people say they are going to be a technology company of some kind. An important question is: When everyone is digital, who wins?

“Digital for all has to be the foundation, but it’s not the destination. There’s one thing that’s more transformative that’s in front of you now, and that’s the era of cognition.”

The world is on the brink of a revolution in technology that is driven forward by cognitive computer that will literally turn the data that we’ve gathered into an advantage for those companies who are smart enough to use it.

Every industry in the world today will be disrupted by new technology and cognitive computing.

The three trends that are pointing toward this massive disruptions include:

  1. The rise of more big data. Up until now, computers stored the data in massive amounts but the computers didn’t have the capacity or the capability of understanding what to do with it all.
  2. The onset and advent of cognitive systems in computing. These systems are language based and they can reason, they can learn and they can understand. The star of the show is—of course—IBM’s Watson and it is this platform that is taking marketing to the next level.Now that they are capable of learning and understanding, they know what the data is and they know what can be done with it.

The last big disruptor is Cloud computing. It allows us to program, to connect, and to use multiple systems through an API according to Rometty. “If it’s digital today, it will be cognitive tomorrow; this is an era that will go for decades,” she said. “Without it, we’ve no chance of keeping up with this tsunami data has created.”

With big data, cloud computing and the new computing systems, the world is in for big changes that can improve user experience, improve customer experience and improve our method of buying and selling.

The only question left to answer is—what does it mean for the workers of tomorrow?

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