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Check Out How Mobile Internet Access Reduces inequality


Access to mobile internet presents revolutionary opportunities for addressing issues of inequality. This is according to a study by Vodafone published via TelecomPaper.

The mobile operator has commissioned independent experts to explore the ways in which smartphones could reduce inequalities for women, micro entrepreneurs and small farmers. The report highlights the benefits of smartphones for disadvantaged groups and recommends the policy steps that governments can take to tackle inequality.

Mobile internet access has enormous potential to boost income and socioeconomic opportunities in developing markets, but failing to make it accessible to disadvantaged groups could further deepen inequalities, the report shows. The study, according to TelecomPapaer also found that education affects how people use their devices and the value they derive from mobile internet access. Mobile internet access is pivotal in reducing information asymmetries and equalising access to wider social networks and opportunities, but digital literacy is also important in ensuring that potential is realised.

Source: itnewsafrica

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