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5 Facts about network security

Security professionals and IT administrators can reduce the amount of time they spend performing regular maintenance and repetitive tasks by automating a lot of the workload that revolves around network security.
Administrators spend a lot of time tracking threats, testing or rolling out new patches and keeping up with user requests. This pulls them away from working on strategic projects that could enhance overall network security.
This approach also leaves a lot of room for human error, such as making a typo, forgetting to deactivate access to an application when an employee leaves and not thoroughly testing changes to the network. Security automation would reduce human error and improve network security because it is taking care of these issues.
Yes, automation may mean that if a mistake is inadvertently entered into the system, that mistake will propagate throughout the network and affect other systems. On the other hand, modern environments are complex enough that automation is fast becoming a necessity. And a proper audit trail would help track down all the mistakes introduced by the automated process so these can be fixed right away.

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