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How To Download/Install BBM On Any PC, Computer Or Laptops

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BBM is now a worldwide chatting app for all Blackberry device starting from the scratch to highest model, likewise Whatsapp, But however, BBM which is now on All Android Phones and Whatsapp which is also now on Nokia phones both of them wanting to bring their application to the lowest phones and the ones wanting to come.

Currently, BBM has not enabled its app to run on all mobile device but it has enabled the app run on PC. So if you don't have BB but you have PC or laptop then you are now going to be among the BBM users after following the steps as outlined below.

Below are the main Requirements to begin BBM.

  • Download Android SDK. Here.
  • Download the BBM APK. Here.

Guidelines On How To Install, Download And Run BBM For PC And Your Computer

  • Firstly, go to the extracted adt-bundle folder. Open SDK Manager.exe
  • Next just open your window and select Tools Manange AVDs…
  • Then Create a new Android Virtual Device with RAM greater than 512 MB and then start the created Virtual Device. As it is in the below image

  • Then Copy the downloaded BBM.apk file to the Extracted Folder /sdk/platform-tools/.
    • Note: such file should be /sdk/platform-tools/BBM.apk
  • After copying move to the folder /sdk/platform-tools/ using file explorer.
  • And then Select File and Open Command Prompt within the platform-tools
  • And then Select File and Open Command Prompt within the platform-tools folder.
  • And then just enter the command in the command prompt without the quote “adb install BBM.apk”
  • Remain patient for some minutes and the BBM will be installed in your Virtual Device . After the installation just launch the BBM app from the App launcher. And add many people up and commence chatting.
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