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5 Ways to Be More Productive With Your Smartphone

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productivity appsApparently people are busy playing Temple Run and Candy Crush on their Smartphone 9 hours per day and that is not really what your Smartphone is meant for. As the name suggests, it is a gadget that makes you smarter and life easier. But i think we are not using it to add value to ourselves and be smarter as the name suggests.

5 Ways Your  Smartphone Can Boost Your Own Productivity

Just playing games, attending calls and texting. Is that actually what a Smartphone is meant for?

Can that make you smarter? Some people might argue that playing games adds to your brain power, but am here to tell you, that deduction is meant for kids alone.

1. Find a Productivity App That Works for You

The number of productivity apps available are seemingly endless, ranging from industry-specific (such as Storyist for writers or Dossier for sales) to feature-specific (such as email or to-do lists). Choose the wrong one and you’ll end up wasting a lot of time (and money for paid apps).

Several mobile-friendly services can keep you attuned to what needs doing. The most useful ones can be accessed via the web on your computer, as well as a Smartphone app.

One good example is Toodledo. You can use this to accomplish, sorting tasks into folders, such as by client names or general categories such as banking. This App also lets you set priorities, due dates, reminders and more.

There's also OmniFocus, Mac-only task management software that's based on David Allen's "Getting Things Done" methodology. It includes a complicated task review system that might be overkill for many smaller operations.

Also imagine you as an entrepreneur working with pieces of paper everywhere you find yourself, the thought of it alone is mind boggling. For example, you can be good at jotting quick notes on business cards or receipts to help you recall why you saved them. Remember that you have a smartphone. Ask yourself this question “why go through the stress of using pen and paper when you have digits and buttons to use on your phone?” You can use apps like ScanBizCard for iOS, Android and windows phone which allows you scan both sides of business card on the spot. Another spectacular App is JotNot Scanner, an iPhone app that lets you scan documents, optimize the file size for particular types of documents such as receipts, and organizes scans into a password-protected document that you can email to maybe a bookkeeper or any other person you wish to.

2. Limiting email responses.

While receiving email on your Smartphone is usually convenient, typing on a Smartphone can be tedious, time-consuming and, thanks to auto correct, notoriously error-prone. Instead, try reading email on your phone and flagging messages that you wish to respond to, but whenever possible, waiting until you're on a computer to write responses. If you must answer an email immediately from your phone, consider making a quick phone call instead. Or master the art of writing extremely brief answers to pressing matters. You can add a line to your phone's email signature file that says: "Sent from my phone, so please excuse the brevity. I'll send a longer response later if warranted."

3. Building Your Business Network

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become second-nature networking tools on mobile, but when it comes to important industry events, such as conferences and trade-shows, there are a few networking apps that can be especially helpful.

4. Get Out of the Office

A key benefit of being a mobile worker is being able to get out of the office and still get stuff done. Research even shows that for certain kinds of creative work, a change in ambiance, like working from a coffee shop, can actually enhance your productivity.

5. Take Advantage of Your Mobile Virtual Assistant

Mobile virtual assistants, like Siri for the iPhone and Google Now for Android, are growing in popularity. Designed respond to voice-activated commands, Siri and Google Now can provide a user with answers and information instantly.

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